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Barry Slaughter OlsenBarry Slaughter Olsen has a signature speaking style that is both authoritative and approachable. An expert on how technology is reshaping multilingual communication, as well as an accomplished conference interpreter and professor of interpreting and translation at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, he is a master of taking a simple metaphor and crafting an illuminating and mind-opening talk around it. Barry is well known for the gravitas and weight he brings to any subject, always leavened by humor and humility. Equally at home on the stage in front of a large crowd, or seated around the table helping to bring the next generation of interpreters into the field, Barry will bring his singular attention and knowledge-base to meet your speaking needs. See a list of topics he frequently addresses here.

Katharine AllenKatharine Allen is perhaps better known for her energy and excitability when speaking to an audience. Her many years of experience working as an interpreter, trainer, and consultant in community, healthcare and legal settings has given her both a deep and broad perspective on the who, what, where, and how interpreters work in real life. The challenges they face, the deep commitment with which they serve their clients, and the significant skill needed to lift this side of interpreting into the limelight that it needs and deserves. Katharine’s collaboration with Barry on all things technological have given her a unique platform as to how the individual practitioner is colliding with meta-shifts in culture, communication and work. She is enthusiastic and warm when speaking, whether in a large venue or small. See a list of topics she frequently addresses here.

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