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Barry and Katharine are sought-after speakers and trainers who can address a wide variety of topics related to the language services enterprise, particularly interpreting. We provide customized presentations designed to meet our clients’ needs and desired outcomes.

These are the most frequently requested topics we address, though we are happy to cover new topics if they fall within our expertise. Our presentations can be 1-hr keynotes, ½-day trainings, conference workshops or a full-blown short-course training.


  • Technology and Social Media -- Many agree that we are currently going through a once-in-a-millennium transformation in communication, culture, and work. Technology (particularly communications and social media) are influencing every aspect of our lives, especially language services. Barry and Katharine can address current trends, future implications, and the nuts and bolts of how to adapt to this shifting landscape, whether addressing individual interpreters, language service companies, or big end-user clients. 
  • Interpreter Education and Training -- Ours is a growth profession. Demand is high and the need for producing qualified and well-trained professional interpreters has never been more acute. Whether for conference or community, remote or onsite, a 2-day workshop or Masters level course, Barry and Katharine can present on trends, strategies, resources, and successful approaches to achieve your training and education goals. They can also provide interpreter skills training and train-the-trainer workshops.
  • Raising the Profile of Interpreting -- Interpreting is an indispensable service for 21st-century communication and business. Even so, educating the general public and end users about what we do is still a daunting challenge. We provide concrete resources, statistics and information about our profession to help people connect the dots between their communication needs and professional interpreting services to help them achieve their objectives in today’s multilingual society.
  • Legislation, Unionization and Accreditation -- Interpreting is a young field professionalizing quickly. An increasing array of local, state and national laws, regulations and requirements govern our field. Interpreters are unionizing in many areas, and successfully creating and implementing certification and accreditation processes. So whether you need information on national medical interpreter certification, new laws affecting Workers Compensation, language access issues in legal and healthcare settings, or how conference interpreting structures its international wage and work condition agreements, we can help.

Don’t see what you need? Contact Us and we’ll work with you to individually to find the right solution for your speaking needs. 

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