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At InterpretAmerica we are strongly committed to making available the most compelling video content about interpreting and the issues impacting our profession that we can access. The resources shared on this page are a combination of full video presentations by past InterpretAmerica Summit participants and other important topics we feel are worth sharing. We are privileged to have had some truly top-notch speakers at the Summit and we are proud to share their contributions here. Watch. Enjoy. Share your thoughts.


At the 4th InterpretAmerica Summit we inaugurated Interpret-ED, a new session where some of the most compelling speakers in our field could share their creativity with Summit participants in dynamic 5-10 minute quick talks. This "lightning talk" format, invented in the late 1990s, has become world famous through the TED and TEDx conferences.

We were looking for individuals with something important to share with our profession and we are extremely proud to have found it. Our speakers were inspirational and moving, and we hope Summit participants came away enriched by the multiplicity of ways in which Interpreting makes communication, understanding, and concerted action across language and culture possible.

Summit participants were treated to five distinct and evocative talks that were thought-provoking, uplifting, and even inspiring. The best part? Thanks to our very successful collaboration with Voices for Health to live-stream the second day of the Summit, we are now able to share these talks directly with you!

We invite you to watch each talk, consider their value, and share your thoughts with us.

InterpretAmerica is grateful to the the Interpret-ED speakers for making our inaugural session a great success. We are especially indebted to everyone at Voices for Health for their expertise, enthusiasm, patience, and expertise in with our very steep learning curve into the live web-streaming world.


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